Wellness in the clouds 


Wellness facilities 

Give yourself a few moments of relaxation. On the ski slopes of Crans-Montana, Chetzeron invites you to unwind in our Wellness facilities, combining Zen atmosphere and high-end equipment.

At the end of a long day of skiing, mountain biking, hiking ... or to pamper yourself, enjoy this space entirely dedicated to your well-being.

This Wellness area  includes:

  • 1 outdoor heated pool
  • 1 Steam room: Ideal for the relaxation of the muscles, to recover a skin free of all impurities, and finally set off again in good shape for the ski slopes and hiking trails!
    The main action of the steam room is significant vasodilation inducing a beneficia relaxation. The steam room is very recommended after a muscular activity. It provides an intense relaxation for the muscles, relieves (or even avoids) sore muscles and ligament pains. The benefit regarding recovery makes it recommendable for the training of high-level athletes. This also helps unblock the bronchial tubes.
  • 1 Sauna: The infra-red sauna has the advantage of producing a thoroughly dry heat which penetrates deeply into the skin. Hence, this heat presents a much softer sensation than a traditional sauna. The infra-red sauna, therefore allows users to stay longer in the booth without feeling any discomfort. It helps to maintain clear and healthy skin and improves circulation and blood pressure.
  • Ice bucket
  • Showers

Our therapist Szilvi will be happy to relax and revitalize you during the high season with the following massages:

Massage Ma-uri®

The Ma-uri® is a complete body massage, originally from New Zealand, done with hot oil. It is characterized by continuous flow movements, performed on the rhythm of the music. It perfectly loosens the body and emotional tensions, while filling you up with energy.

Lomilomi Massage

The lomilomi is a gentle and complete body massage, originally from Hawaii, which is made with smooth, continuous movements, with the forearm and palms of the hands.

Massage Free Stream

The free flow is a freestyle massage, practiced with very long movements from the sole of the feet to the neck to reach the flow experience. It is recommended for those who wish to have a natural, unique and creative treatment.

Aloha Head Massage

The arms, shoulders, neck, head, and face, are massaged with Hawaiian techniques which relax the whole body. It distresses and dissipates headaches.

Szilvi, our therapist, graduated at the « Ma-uri® Institute, Centre for Ma-uri® Healing Arts » in Denmark and New Zealand.


30 minutes (Aloha head massage)           80,-

50 minutes                                               120,-

80 minutes                                               160,-

110 minutes                                              200,-

Ma-uri ® massage service is available in very few hotels in Europe. It is worth experience it.!



Opening times

These wellness facilities are open winter and summer, every day.

The outdoor heated pool, sauna and hammam are on free access from 4 pm, or on demand.

Free access and exclusively reserved for our 16 guestrooms

The body treatments are booked with the hotel reception (additional charge).